Bespoke courses
Design training to suit your needs    

Soldering is a necessary process during most electronic assembly. However, if not done correctly, the process will introduce failures and risk the health and safety of your staff.

After a detailed discussion, we aim to provide a course that suits the needs of your production or rework facility. Emphasis can be on through hole soldering, surface mounted technology, health and safety, ESD or new standards such as lead-free soldering. The training is offered at your own facility and preferably using the equipment your staff will need to use after the course is completed. Equipment can be provided free of charge if required e.g. soldering irons and hand tools.Please indicate at time of booking if these are needed.

Key Benefits

  • Greatly improved reliability of completed product
  • Improved Health and safety awareness
  • Latest techniques and standards taught

This course can be configured to meet your needs and can be combined with training in other skills, such as wire looming, crimping and ESD, to provide a total operator training package. Courses can be held for numbers of 3 or more and can vary from 1 to 5 days depending on the topics being covered and the experience of the staff on the course.

Typically a 2 day course would cover theory and practical sessions on Through-hole and Surface Mount Technologies for staff who wish to improve or refresh their hand soldering skills. At the end of the course a soldering assessment will be carried out to an equivalent of IPC-A610 standard at class 2 or class 3 (depending on company requirements). Certificates will be awarded to all students who successfully complete the course.