IPC 610
Current revision: G    

IPC-A-610 is the most popular world-wide electronics assembly standard and is considered a must for all quality and assembly departments. It provides standards for electrical assemblies and has recently been updated to meet the requirements of lead-free soldering. Through-hole and surface mount requirements are covered along with component damage and positioning.

Sarbin Solutions can provide instruction in IPC-A-610 at the latest revision. This covers all inspection classes to the latest revision and is valid for two years after which a shorter re-certification course or challenge testing is required.

Key Benefits

  • Work to the industry-accepted standard criteria for electronic assemblies
  • Improved quality
  • Improved company profile

The course is normally taught at your own premises for your convenience and can be split into 2 sections if required to meet your requirements. Course sizes over 3 are accepted and last for 3 days for the initial course. The cost varies depending on the number of modules required but includes all tuition, a copy of the 610 standard and exam fees.

Re-certification options are either a 2 day refresher course or challenge tests (please allow a day to complete exams in all modules).